Bulgarian black mussels - a feast for the senses!

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Black mussels are one of the most delicious and aromatic representatives of seafood. What makes them truly unique is the smooth and delicate meat, as well as the smell that brings the breath of the sea. They are extremely tasty, healthy and a wonderful natural source of protein, so in recent years the consumption of Bulgarian black mussels has jumped three times, and the delicacy is among the five top dishes preferred by tourists by the sea.

Recently, it is increasingly claimed that mussels should be considered a superfood. 100 grams of black mussels contain only 86 calories, distributed in extremely pure and very easy to digest proteins. In terms of protein content, black mussels and beef contain almost the same percentage, but with the difference that in seafood the content of calcium is almost 10 times more and phosphorus almost 2 times.

Bulgarian black mussel has great taste. This is due to the fact that the Black Sea has a lower salinity of the waters and that is why the black mussels, which are grown in our country, are an extremely popular product by chefs and cooks.

Most people prefer to eat mussels in a restaurant on the coast. Others prepare their own amazing mussel dishes.

We recommend you to try mussels in one of the nice Burgas restaurants. Crazy mussels, mussel soup, mussels of the sailor or Burgas mussels are just some of the delicious temptations.



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