Five extreme entertainments in Burgas

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Skateboarding on a longboard

Skateboarding is a way of life and a source of fun and adrenaline for many people - for children, teenagers, adults. It is not only a means of transportation and undoubtedly attracts with great tricks that can be done with just one board. Burgas is an attraction for skaters and longboarders from all over the country - the city has one of the few skate parks in the country, as well as smaller facilities and ramps suitable for beginners and experts. From August 21-23, Burgas will host the only skate competition in Europe. It will be held in the modern skate park in the complex "Izgrev", where the best skaters from all over Europe will gather. You will be impressed by interesting master tricks and an amazing show.


Combining your summer vacation in Burgas with a paragliding flight over the sea is more than a good idea. Be sure that flying will be the highlight of your vacation, because it will be a wonderful experience that brings a lot of adrenaline, excitement and joy. You will have the opportunity for an unforgettable experience with a unique view over the endless Black Sea and the colorful splendor of the Sea Garden.


Do you love the sea? Is surfing in your blood? Burgas is your place for surfing! The Burgas Bay will provide you not only clean beaches with fine sand, but also the most favorable conditions on our Black Sea coast for surfing, kitesurfing, foilsurfing and others. Come and feel the hospitality of the bay!


Burgas is famous for its longest bike lanes - 60 km. They cover and connect the whole city, which is extremely convenient for people who like to ride a bike constantly. In addition to the city cycling conditions, fans of extreme adventures can organize day trips by bike to the nearby villages in the picturesque Strandzha Mountain or go on a specially built off-road route with bumps in the "Lake" park. You can also take the bike lane to the Salt pans, where there is no car traffic and enjoy a quiet bike ride along the beach, and why not jump to the meadow? For the more resilient, the end point may be the romantic port of Sarafovo. Combine the bike ride with an ornithological walk - a bike lane connects the center with the protected area "Poda", where you can see unique species of birds!


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