Today Stenli and Funki will have a performance at the summer Hashtag, and duet Paradox at Papa Beer

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Several years ago, the Municipality of Burgas created the initiative BoulevArt - Network of the Senses, which unites private business with the creative industries.

It is developing successfully and its partners help a lot to make the city interesting and intelligent.

Here is what remains in the program of BoulevArt until the end of the week:

* On Thursday, August 13, from 22:00, the stage of HashtagPAVILION will be full of star guests - Stеnli and his band. His new project for the concert performances includes Dimitar Kovachev - Funki- bass guitar, Stanislav Valchev - guitars and Stefan Popov - drums. Book your seats here:

Pre-purchased tickets are priced at BGN 15, and at the venue will be priced at BGN 20.

* On August 13, Thursday, from 20:00 to 23:00, the smiling girls from DUET PARADOX will visit Papa Beer on "Milin Kamak" Street. Simona Marinova and Diana Dimitrova will give you another wonderful evening with acoustic music.

*On August 15, Saturday, from 21:00 to 22:30, HaHaHa Impro Theater arrives directly from Sofia on the stage of HashtagPAVILION. This is a theater where you, the audience, will have the opportunity to participate in the event, setting the tone for what you want to see and experience. You will enjoy an alternative evening at the theater, a guaranteed dose of laughter, where there is actually no exact script.

*On Sunday, August 16, on the stage of BoulevArt on "Bogoridi" Street, a duet "Autumn Leaves" will perform. Roberto Dimitrov and Fanchi Atanasova revive that music, which man feels with his soul. Songs that have excited many generations and are sung by everyone.



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