Tasty and lean, where in Burgas?

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We offer you several places in Burgas, where you can eat delicious and lean!

1. The BURGS
The burger is one of the most favorite and preferred foods. Well known all over the world, it has many options for cooking. One of them is the "veggie" burger with chickpea meatballs - the solution for everyone who fasts, but loves to eat delicious burgers.
Address: 13 "Vasil Levski" Str

2. Restaurant "Retro", hotel "Chiplakoff"
Delicious dishes are also waiting for you in the Retro restaurant. The masterfully made dishes according to old Strandzha recipes and the wonderful attitude will leave you satisfied and eager to come back again. Every day you will find fresh food in their lunch menu, as well as many lean versions of seasonal products.
Address: 88 "Ferdinandova" Street

3. Cardamom
Cardamom is one of the jewels on Burgas' "Bogoridi" Street. In addition to a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, a delicious lean meal awaits you. You will have a choice between cream soups, fresh green salads, risotto, grilled vegetables. It is up to you to choose what you will focus on. 
Address: 27 "Aleko Bogoridi" Street

4. Ti Bar & Kitchen
We recommend this place because it offers a unique balance of delicious food, refreshing drinks, great atmosphere and friendly staff. Ti Bar will also impress you with a wonderful menu, in which you can always find a lean dish. Choose cream soup of zucchini and basil or red beets for hypertensives, and for the main we offer stuffed zucchini with vegetables.
Address: 4 "Silistra" Street

5. The Brewery
Here you will find food with a natural and pure idea, and you can be sure that everything is seasoned with the spice "love"! The chef puts his inspiration and heart into all the dishes. Here you will find wonderful fresh potatoes with dominant spicy notes.
Address: 6 "Khan Krum" Street

6. Restaurant Golden fish, Burgas
Give pleasure to your senses with delicious and lean specialties a step away from the beach. The place is well known to sea people, their families and anyone who feels the sea inside. Here you will find a wide selection of lean menus. Try the unique olive paste with cherries, basil and sesame seeds.
Address: 3 "Tsar Simeon I" Street

7. The Maze
Located in the heart of the city, the restaurant offers home comfort and tranquility. A place where you can relax amidst wonderful music and beautiful design. The food is delicious, with completely fresh products made by local farmers and prepared with love. You can trust them with wonderful lean dishes - pumpkin soup with pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, rosemary and herbal croutons.
Address: 15 "Raina Knyaginya" Street

8. Lebanese cuisine
On the main street in Burgas there is a corner where you can try authentic Lebanese cuisine on foot. The very simple menu includes the favorite falafel, and in a portion it comes naturally with hummus, prepared according to a family recipe.
Address: 24 "Bogoridi" Street

9. Confectionery Rosa Burgas
The sweet temptation can be completely vegan, so the experienced master confectioners have created a lean cake and muffin ala Rosa.
Address: 26 "Bogoridi" Street



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