5 ideas what to give to the people with nameday for August 15 in Burgas

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Paragliding over the sea and a free photo session of the unforgettable moment - If you want to give a more extreme gift, this is for you. With it you will give not only a unique experience, but also a wonderful memory for a lifetime. You can buy a flying voucher here https://rb.gy/bri2qh

Autographed book by a favorite author - Festival "With a book on the beach" 2020 will give you the opportunity to buy the new and most popular titles as a gift. You can also customize the gift with an autograph from the author and an individual message.

Spend a day in the museums and attractions of Burgas, and for all those celebrating the entrance is free.
If you want to give a more interesting and full of historical spirit day, come and visit all the museums in Burgas with free admission for those celebrating. Don't forget to visit the exhibitions with aquarium fish and butterflies, which are also free.

  Regional History Museum Burgas / RHM Burgas - Ethnographic, Archaeological, Natural History and History Museums;
 "Sea Casino" Cultural Center - Exhibitions: "Underwater World - Exotic Fish" and Snake House;
  Exposition Center "Flora" Burgas - Exhibition of tropical butterflies.

Sea adventure with a trip to the Island with a concert - If you want to give a fabulous experience to the people with nameday, give them a visit to St. Anastasia island on his holiday. This magical place has a strong atmosphere - a combination of romance and adventure, so it will certainly be a great gift.
Summer party on the island with the "Usual Suspects" and Stefan Valdobrev.

Jazz evening with a big company - What better gift for for those celebrating than a ticket for the Jazz Festival in Burgas 2020? The magnificent singers will make this holiday an unforgettable memory, making the evening a real feast for the senses.

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