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Several years ago, the Municipality of Burgas created the initiative BoulevArt - Network of Senses, which unites private business with the creative industries. It is developing successfully and the partners in it help a lot to make the city interesting and intelligent.

Program for this week:

*On July 28, Tuesday, from 17:00, an exhibition of paintings by Zdravka Vasileva and Georgi Shtarbev, "Nesi" Gallery at 12 "Aleksandrovska" Street and 3 "Khan Krum" Street.

*On July 28, Tuesday, at 20:00, the finalist of "The Voice of Bulgaria" - Kaloyan Nikolov, will be a special guest at Papa Beer on "Milin Kamak" Street.

*On July 30, Thursday, from 20:00 to 23:00 in Papa Beer with live music, Mihail & Stella will take care of your good mood.

*On July 30, Thursday, from 19:00, on the stage of BoulevArt on "Bogoridi" Street will be held a concert of famous rock musician Rumen Spasov - guitar and voice.

*On July 30, Thursday, from 18:00 to 21:00, in Enoteka Wine & Friends at 20A "Hristo Fotev" Street - painting on canvas and aromatic wine. For reservations: 0894 444 899.

*On July 31, Friday, 21:00, HashtagPAVILION to the Pier - stand-up comedy show starring FLASH and Olga Pavlova. Book your seats here: or by phone: 0894 658 049.

*On August 1, Saturday, from 21:00, on the stage of HashtagPAVILION the musical-satirical duo "Zamunda Banana Band" will take the stage. Book your seats here: or by phone: 0894658049.


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