"Saint Anastasia" Island in top 20 of "The Wonders of Bulgaria"

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*Online voting will determine the winner

Burgas island "Saint Anastasia", which is the newest tourist attraction in the city, has the chance to be included in the list of "The Wonders of Bulgaria".

The island, which was visited from more than 45 000 tourists during the last months, was rated among the top 20 of the most interesting and attractive tourist sites in Bulgaria during the national campaign of "Standard" newspaper. There is online voting at the moment and everyone who wants can vote for site, included in "The Wonders of Bulgaria" for 2014. In this prestigious ranking "Saint Anastasia" island is competing with the Madara Horse Rider, Tsarevets, Kaliakra, Perperikon and others. 

The voting is on the official website of the campaign: http://www.bgchudesa.com/glasuvane/atraktsii.html. It will continue untilt the 31st of October.

10 sites will be chosen on this stage. In November, among the 10th finalists will be chosen the winner for 2014 again with voting. 


Последна промяна: 11:10, 16 October 2014