Burgas Museum Calls: Send us the memories of your Grandparents!

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At this moment of social nsulation, we urge you to:

Ask what people around you, your grandparents, your elderly relatives know about the recent past. Write down their true stories and send them to us. To be memories preserved!

Use social networks and share your story through photos or memories by adding one of the hashtags to find them:

#разкажиИстория #ПазиВъзрастните #ВиртуаленМузей #моятаИстория #Бургасразказва

You can also send us your stories and photos at: history@burgasmuseums.bg.

The most interesting of them will be published on the site of the Regional History Museum - Burgas.


Последна промяна: 18:04, 01 April 2020