The views of a teacher about the Universal education again in Burgas on January 30

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At the invitation of the Cultural Organization "Art Melpomena" Kamen Donev is visiting Burgas with Lecture No. 2 on "The Views of a Teacher for the Universal Education".

The second lecture was constructed analogously to the previous performance, with the same didactic character and absolute inability to be retold. The production is a two-hour half-spectacle, because Donev is not alone, though most of the time he is physically alone on stage. There are his swift words and inimitable speeches of total madness and wisdom of life; there is his bottomless breath, thanks to which he uses every part of the stage, dancing English waltz, Georgian dance, disco, swing, and then sings an aria from Rigoletto. There is his whole arsenal of laughs and lessons, flexibility of mind, talent and physical potential.

Tickets can be found at the ticket office "Clock" /in front of the hotel "Bulgaria"/.



Последна промяна: 13:12, 28 December 2019