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On December 15, „Aquae calidae“ Tourist Complex is waiting for you at the festive Christmas edition of „Art-adn-Facts“. In the art workshops from 11:00 to 13:00 the children will make attractive Christmas cards and artistically decorated envelopes. With them they can congratulate their friends or relatives on the holidays.

The fee for participation in the workshops is 3 BGN for 1 product, 4 BGN for both products and includes the opportunity to visit the Aquae calidae museum for free.

In addition, at the charity Christmas Market will be presented art pieces created by the children of „St. Nicholas the Wonderworker“ Children's Center for Disabled Children. According to the therapist Dani Ilieva, the products are made with a lot of creativity, desire and love.

The „St. Nicholas the Wonderworker“ Children's Center for Disabled Children, established in 2000, works daily with children with physical and mental disabilities. Speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, rehabilitators, social workers and social assistants prepare children with disabilities for independent living, social adaptation and social integration. Children's favorite activities are related to creativity - modeling with clay, drawing on textiles, porcelain, glass, wood, paper. The funds collected from the charity market will be used to buy materials - paints, glues, yarns, stickers, colored cardboards and more.

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