Do you know where in Burgas the Tower of the lighthouse keeper is located?

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The guard tower of the Port of Burgas, known as the Tower of the Lighthouse keeper, was built during the construction of the Port of Burgas. The tower is located at the place where the historic entrance of the port of Burgas was, after its opening in 1903, meters from the beginning of the breakwater wall.

The tower will function as a visitor center. On the first floor are arranged panels with old photographs related to the history of the port - construction, transformation of the emblematic Burgas lighthouse, as well as photos dedicated to the connection between the city and the port-favorite place for visiting by residents and guests of the city.

In the hall on the second floor are shown drawings used in the construction of the port of Burgas. They are from the period 1895 - 1912 and are part of the archives of the Port.

The reconstruction of the Tower and its transformation into a visitor center is a continuation of the plan to open the city to the sea, which began with the opening of the Public Access Area in 2014 and is a way to strengthen the link between history and modernity. Admission is free of charge and visits can be made upon request by phone: 056/822 111.


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