You can "adopt" a path, or a forest shelter in Strandzha

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"Strandzha" Nature Park offers paths, forest shelters and fountains for adoption. The reason is the need for repairs and restoration work in the park. The nature park is over 21 years old, for which dozens of forest shelters have been built on its territory, routes were marked, fountains were restored and renovated. Hundreds of information boards have been put up for information for visitors in the park, according to the maintenance department.

However, due to the weather and vandalism, a number of damaged elements of the tourist routes, signs and shelters need to be repaired.

The Park Directorate seeks any opportunity to accomplish this task - sponsoring by environmental organizations, the forestry agencies, state forestry enterprises, or by adopting tourist routes from supporting organizations, with an interest in tourism development. If you want to know more about how to "adopt" a path, forest shelter or fountain, or want to report an irregularity or an idea for the development of the park, here you can find information on how to do it.

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