An exhibition of unshown works by Georgi Baev will be arranged

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Unshown works of the great artist Georgi Baev are included in an impressive exhibition dedicated to the 95 years since his birth. The paintings are part of private collections of the artist's son - Ivo Baev and friends of the artist as - Ilko Bonev, Stefan Koradov, Kolyo Kehaiov, Rusi Kurtlakov Georgi Velkov, Georgi Dolapchiev, Georgi Raykov and others. They will be arranged in the Gallery-Museum "Georgi Baev". The official opening of the exhibition is on November 12

/Tuesday/ from 6 pm. The residents and guests of Burgas will be able to see it until January 10, 2020. The entrance is free.

Последна промяна: 10:11, 11 November 2019