Comedy by Zsolt Pozsgai - “She, He and Two - Three More” will visit Burgas in the middle of the month

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The play “She, He and two - three more” is a kind of guide on how a woman should fight for her happiness. The woman is not the other, but the Bulgarian theater star Anya Pencheva. Her stage partners will be Toncho Tokmakchiev, Alexander Kadiev, Kiril Efremov, Nencho Ilchev and Tihomir Blagoev.

The play by the director Bogdan Petkanin will be presented on February 14 in the HNA. The production is in Burgas at the invitation of Marusya Ruseva and "Art Atelier". Tickets can be found at the cash desk "Clock" / in front of the hotel "Bulgaria" /. For more information and reservations - tel. 0894 / 898-098.

Последна промяна: 13:02, 05 February 2020