Interesting guest exhibitions in RHM-Burgas remain until the end of September

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Here is what else can be seen in the four museum expositions:

Historical exposition

Burgas, 31 "Lermontov" Str

-Permanent exposure;

-Exposition "Wall of letters".

-Exhibition "Gutenberg and the Slavic World".


Archaeological exposition

Burgas, 21 "Bogoridi" Str

- Permanent exposures: "Southern Black Sea Coast during the Middle Ages" and "The archaeological excavations of the Burgas Museum";

- "The Thracian Gold Treasure from Valchitron" - guest Regional History Museum - Pleven;

- "The memory of Great Bulgaria. Treasure of Khan Kubrat by Malaya Pereshchepina"- guest of the National History Museum - Sofia.


Ethnographic exposition

Burgas, 69 "Slavyanska" Str

-Permanent exposure;

-National Exhibition "You will recognize them by the embroidery" - guest Regional Museum of History - Shumen.


Natural History exposition

Burgas, 30 "Konstantin Fotinov" Str

-Permanent exposure.


The expositions of RHM-Bourgas accept visitors every day, from 10:00 to 19:00.

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