The love story of Lea Ivanova and Eddie Kazasyan will be presented in the "Aquae calidae" summer cinema

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The film directed by Bulgarian director Radoslav Spasov "Singing Shoes" will be screened on September 1st at 9.30 pm at "Aquae calidae" Tourist Complex.

The story is based on key moments from the creative and personal history of the famous singer Lea Ivanova and composer Eddie Kazasyan in the middle of last century. The music is by Victor Chuchkov, the operator is Veselin Hristov. The roles of Leah and Eddie are played by several actors - in her image at different ages are Raya Peeva, Donna Bangyozova, Ernestina Shinova and the child Kiara Stolarski, and in the image of Edvard are: Julian Petrov, Borislav Chuchkov and the child Alexander Ivanov. Episodic roles are played by Krustyu Lafazanov, Stefan Valdobrev, Stoyan Alexiev, Stefan A. Shterev and others.

The entry fee is BGN 5 and was introduced to provide space for each spectator. Tickets can be purchased from "Aquae calidae" Tourist complex, Tourist information center- "Clock", Bus Station "South", "Magazia 1".

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