Tonight at the Opera Stefan Danailov will be in love duet with Ania Pencheva

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The hit play "Actress", starring Stefan Danailov and Anya Pencheva, will be presented in Burgas tonight. The premiere is at 19:00 and tickets can still be found at the "Clock" cash desk (in front of the hotel "Bulgaria").

"Actress" is undoubtedly the theater event of the year and is played in all cities in Bulgaria, with an outstanding viewing interest. Stefan Danailov will partner with Anja Pencheva, Ivan Panev, Kiril Efremov, Nencho Ilchev and Pavel Ivanov. Director is Rositsa Obreshkova, the music is specially written by Ivan Lechev.

Marusya Ruseva and "Art Atelier", as organizer of the theater play "Actress" and organizers of the "Tutankhamun - аn unfinished love story" exhibition make a gesture to fans of theater. Anyone who buys a ticket for the "Actress" premiere, which will be on the stage of the Opera, will be able to buy a ticket for the exhibition at a super preferential price of 11 BGN. Those who have already purchased tickets to the theater can take advantage of the promotion on the day of the show by showing their ticket to the cashier.

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