On the second day of the Burgas music kolidays "Diana Express" will play classic and rock

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Day after the Prima Veselina Katsarova and friends opened the "Emil Chakarov" Burgas Music Holidays, Mitko Shterev and "Diana Express" will perform their emblematic songs along with the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas on the stage of the Summer Theater.

The concert "Classic and Rock:"Diana Express - Symphony" will start tonight at 21:00 under the conductor of Tsanislav Petkov. The band will be composed of Mitko Shterev - piano and Hammond organ, Iliya Angelov - vocal and guitar, Zhivko Topalov - bass guitar and vocal, Biser Yosifov - percussion and Atanas Kopchev - guitar.

Последна промяна: 10:07, 09 July 2019