A concert will be organized in support of the unconventional Festival of Contemporary Art "Water"

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A concert in support of the non-standard contemporary water festival "Water" will take place on the 27th of June (Thursday), at 18.30, at the "symBiotic" (Atanasovsko Lake area, located on Salt pans South, beside the lagoon pools and the cycle path along the sea).

"WATER" started in 2017 and caused great interest among a wide audience of different ages, and about 100 artists from Germany, Latvia, Moldova, South Korea, Japan and Bulgaria presented their works in the two editions of the festival so far. Association "Dance BG" in partnership with the Youth Cultural Center - Burgas has been funded by the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Burgas.

The atmosphere of the festival, removed from their usual context is so impressive that acts as a catalyst of experience (like being trapped in a movie). The selection of the organizers leads top artists and performances on a high level and for several days gives Bourgas a window to the world.

With the tickets sold on the show on June 27 and the donations gathered, the campaign will begin, but volunteers will be sought as well as contacts to find sponsors.

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