Legendary sailing boat "Rainbow Warrior" arrives in Burgas

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Greenpeace launches a Europe-wide tour titled "Together for the Climate". It includes the legendary "Rainbow Warrior", which will visit many European countries and Bulgaria is the second stop. The aim of the tour is to inform and trigger real policy changes to tackle the climate crisis.

The ship will arrive at our Black Sea coast on Monday, June 3, and will stay in Varna until 5 June, Wednesday. Then it will sail to Burgas, where it can e seen from 6 to 9 June incl.

There will be a series of events on the ship and around it, dedicated to the energy transition to renewable energy and the decentralization of the energy system for the benefit of individual citizens and communities.

In Burgas there will be a student innovation camp, a forum for energy solutions and lectures devoted to renewable energy.

The events are free, and the people who visit them will have the opportunity to learn more about climate change and the role of the energy system, seeing different inventions or developments for innovation, and meeting with people from different countries working in favor of nature.

The doors are also open to volunteers. They can join after contacting the organizers (gabriela.petkova@greenpeace.org) and attending special training.


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