The documentary show "Apart" comes again in Burgas

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The documentary play "Apart" comes to Burgas again. It will be presented on November 14, at 7:00 pm on the stage of "Adriana Budevska" DT.

The performance includes the methods of the performance and acts as an art installation. The audience will experience a unique experiment combining interactive documentaries, works, stories and interviews about the lives of some of our most loved artists. Presented by young talents Nadia Keranova, Sevar Ivanov, Borisa Sarafova, Antani Penev, Sevar Ivanov, Dimitar Krumov and Petya Boncheva, the performance is a link between different generations of artists.

Tickets for "Apart" in Burgas can be purchased from the cash desk of the theater.

Последна промяна: 10:11, 11 November 2019