Horse tournament in Burgas

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Pure-bred horses will participate in Horse Tournament in Burgas. The total prize fund of the tournament is 12 000 leva. Organizers are Burgas Municipality, Bulgarian Horse Sport Federation, Horse Sport Club "Khan Krum" - Burgas.

1. Qualifications will be held in the Horse Base of "Lake" park on the 2nd and 3rd of August. Beginning of competition - 16.30 on the 2nd of August. Over 100 horses will participate in the tournament. 

2. Finals will be held on the 8th and 9th of August - Horse Base of "Lake" park.

Start - 09.00 o'clock on 8th of August

Official opening - 20.30 on 8th of August

Total number of trials for the 2 days - 8

Grand Prix with a height of 135 - 140 cm

Participants: over 120 horses from around the country and abroad

Both events will be held in the late hours of the day, because of the attractiveness of lights and to be avoided the high temperatures during the day. This is the biggest competition on national level in Bulgaria which will be held in 4 days. Citizens and guests of Burgas are invited to join the audience of the attractive event.

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