The artist Zdravko Palazov with another exhibition in Burgas

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The artist Zdravko Palazov opened last night his exhibition at the "Burgas" Gallery. The author with the Rhodopes roots is visiting the sea town again at the invitation of the owner of the gallery-Rusi Kurtlakov.

This is Zdravko Palazov's third solo exhibition in the gallery, presenting to the sea audience picturesque paintings specially painted for his nautical vernissage. The canvas are at a religious theme, which is one of the author's favorites. In his paintings are traditionally included numerous symbols and signs, bearing a hidden meaning. Among the favorite images of the author are snake, fish, horse.

The works can be seen by the end of May in the "Burgas" Gallery, located on 13 "Aboba" Street.

Последна промяна: 10:05, 11 May 2019