The wine-culinary destinations of Bulgaria are available on the Internet

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The 12 wine-culinary destinations in our country are digitized and available on the website of the Ministry of Tourism. They have been developed under the project "Share Bulgaria", which is jointly implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests.

The Interactive Map allows with one click of a selected destination to get information about tourist attractions in the region, typical culinary specialties and wine typical for the region. A description of the tourist attractions in the destination is also included, each marked with its exact geographical location. This can help tourists easily to find those objects they want to visit.

Wine-culinary destinations are selected to be 12 to match the number of months in the year. They include 55 municipalities throughout the country, nearly 120 tourist sights and typical wine and culinary for each region, over 80 characteristic foods and 12 traditional wines.


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