Training "Marketing Hacking Tour" this Wednesday in Flora

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"Marketing Hacking Tour" is evening live training in Burgas, during which marketing hacks are revealed, with which the online sales increase, and advertising budget remains the same. Marketing experts will reveal the secrets of online sales at a seminar in Burgas this Wednesday (March 13th), at 19:00, at the Flora Expo Center. All who wants to develop their online business or start a new one are welcome.

Lecturers of the event will be Boyan Moskov and Maria Boeva - online marketing specialists and entrepreneurs with rich experience in the marketing of online shops, sales and advertising. Organizer of Bourgas is InSound Promotions, which have organized in our town a series of events for professional and personal development with names like Stilian Zaporozhanov and Yuli Tonkin. Tickets are available online.

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