On the eve of the day that all ladies around the world feel special, come and immerse yourself in the world of love

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"When it comes to love, time not only stops, it even begins to go back, and the one who tells love story in some mystical way is rejuvenating." A man will return home from abroad to understand that Love can not just pass. And he will talk about love to deceive the time. Will deny love, only to be disproved by it. The nostalgia for the past time when we were at home. Those we leave behind and the love we treat with ourselves in the different corners of the world.

The winner of "IKAR" for a golden voice - the actor Simeon Vladov will take you to the town where you will be forever young.

"Love can not just pass" will be presented on March 6 at 19:00 on the stage of the Puppet Theater. Tickets can be found at the cash desk of "NHK".

For more information tel. 0894/898-098-Marusya Ruseva-organizer.




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