"The Lagoon of Life" - a new European recognition for Atanasovsko Lake

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A new project for Atanasovsko Lake will be launched in the beginning of 2019 by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, "Black Sea Salt Pans" JSC and the local organization "Together 2011".

This is another proof of the high conservation value of the lake and its European significance assessed by the LIFE Program of the European Commission. In the course of the 6-year project "The Lagoon of Life", ecosystem services from the lake and the benefits of the Natura 2000 zone for people and for the territory itself  will be popularized. The project team explains that a sustainable financial mechanism will be sought to allow the long-term conservation of this natural territory by creating a special fund and added value of lake related product.

Among the other important objectives of the project is the restoration of 3 large dykes, which have existed for more than 40 years. This is necessary in order to improve the water circulation and the salt process technology. Therefore, technology from the early 20th century, which is no longer used, will be introduced. Alongside work with dykes, 5 hectares of new breeding ground will be created for birds.

Another ambitious goal for the partners is the restoration of the Sea Rupee, considered to be a missing plant. According to them, it will improve the water quality in the Atanasovsko lake. 14 kilometers of internal channels and 17 kilometers of mini-dykes will also be restored within the project. It will be repaired and sea Gateway North. In this way, the vital link with the sea will be maintained.


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