Burgas is included in the race for the romantic capital of Bulgaria

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Burgas is entering again in the battle for the prize "Romantic capital of Bulgaria". In the most romantic month of the year "Helikon" bookstores are included in the initiative of "Kragorzor" Publishing House - the writing of the longest love letter. A letter is written in every bookstore. The deadline for inclusion is 19:30 on Sunday, February 10.

Who will be the city that will be declared for a romantic capital of Bulgaria in 2019 will become clear on February 13 in the "Helikon-Vitosha" Bookshop, when the premiere of the book "In the gardens of love" will take place. The love letters will be measured and the winner will be announced.

Burgas is participating for the 4th time in the campaign and has already been twice winner and declared for "Romantic capital of Bulgaria", respectively in 2009 and 2012.

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