False morality, apparent holiness - at the end of January, we`ll be watching "Tartuff"

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One of the most popular works of the French playwright Jean Baptiste Moliere - "Tartuff" will be presented on the Burgas stage. The place is the hall of "NHK",the day - Friday, 25 January.

The performance of the "Bulgarian Army" Theater. The fans will look at the house of the wealthy bourgeois Orgon, where in the purest form the greedy man's habits will be presented. Mollier captures the insidiousness behind the attractive and glossy packaging, and shows the false morality, dressed in the apparent holiness, honesty, and selflessness of the main character.
The story of the play is up-to-date today and does not come out of the world scenes.

"Tartuff" comes in Burgas at the invitation of Marusya Ruseva and "Art Atelier". Tickets can be found at the cahs desk of "NHK". For more information: 0894 / 898-098.

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