"Feeling of Love" with Boyka Velkova and Ivaylo Zahariev returns on the Burgas stage in February

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The performance tells about love through the works of great artists and is the first musical-poetic act for Bulgaria. The roles in it are performed by Boyka Velkova, who is also the director and author of the script and Ivailo Zahariev.

The performance draws love through the works of some of the greatest writers of all time - writers, composers, artists - Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Renoir, Gogol, Petrarca, Robert Burns, Michelangelo, Boccaccio, Emily Dickinson, Picasso, Rilke, Verdi, Lorca, Chopin and many others. To help in presentation of the love works are drama, poetry, art, dance and music.

The play will be presented on February 12th from 19:00, at Grand Hotel & Spa "Primoretz". For more information and reservations: +359 877 850 001; concierge@hotelprimoretz.bg.

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