The legendary Cuban Cossacks come to Burgas. Present the best for 200 years

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The world-famous Cuban Cossacks Choir, Russia's oldest musical-dance ensemble, comes to Burgas. The event will be on 21 June 2019. This is the first tour of the ensemble in Bulgaria. It is part of a series of spectacular performances in the country.

The ensemble has more than 100 people - singers, dancers and musicians. For concerts in Bulgaria will come full composition of singers, musicians, dancers and all soloists. The "Best in 200 years" program is selected. Among the songs are the favorites "Любо братцы, любо", "Ты прости меня, родная", "Когда мы были на войне", "Распрегайте, хлопцы, кони" and other emblematic Cossack songs.

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