"Nobody's perfect"-One woman show by Ivanka Shekerova in Burgas

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The hit stand-up comedy "Nobody is perfect" - Shekerova's amazing show on the idea of one of the most famous contemporary playwrights Elin Rahnev - comes to Burgas on December 21st.

Her show lasts an hour and a half and already conquered the audience of Sofia, Plovdiv, Haskovo, Gabrovo. There will be a storm of unexpected, ridiculous, absurd and real situations on the scene. The viewers will see how the young teacher from Koprivshtitsa Rayna Apostolova - Pobornikova is getting tired. How she wins her love battles and why no man in her life is complete.

The starting time of the performance is 19:30, at Expo center "Flora". The available places are limited.

For contacts - 0889 354355, Ventzislav Tasev.

Последна промяна: 10:12, 19 December 2018