Program of Film Panorama "Italy today" during the new week

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Four contemporary Italian films will allow the citizens of Burgas and the city guests to experience the varied culture and society of the Apennines. The Film panorama "Italy Today" will be held from 11 to 15 December at the "Flora" Expo Center.

Here is the program:

December 11 /Tuesday/
Hall 2
Film Panorama "Italy today" *
"As long as there is Prosecco, there is hope"
Director: Antonio Padovan
C: Giuseppe Battistone, Teko Celio, Liz Solari, Roberto Chitran

December 12 /Wednesday/
Hall 2
Film Panorama "Italy today" *
The "Prize"
Director: Alessandro Gasman
C: Gjiji Proyety, Alessandro Grassman, Anna Follieta, Rocco Papaleo

December 14 /Friday/
Hall 2
Film Panorama "Italy Today"
"I am a hurricane"
Genre: drama, comedy
Italy, 2018, 101 '
Director: Daniele Luxette
C: Marco Jalini, Elio Djermano, Eleonora Danko

December 15 /Saturday/
from 18:30
Hall 2
Film Panorama "Italy today" *
The "Wheel of Life"
Genre: drama, comedy
Italy, 2016, 100 '
Directed by: Giovanni Batista Origo, Sole Tonynie, Gianluca Manzashui, Mateo Giancampro, Christian Yeczi, Kiara De Marquis, Francesco Dapano
C: Ricardo De Philippe, Edoardo Pesha, Alberto Di Stassio, Michele Bevilaqua, Luca Scaparoire, Flavio Domenici, Alessandro Jujoli

December 21 /Friday/
 "No one is perfectly OK" on the idea of ​​Elin Rahnev-
Stand-up comedy with actress Ivanka Shekerova.
Entrance: with tickets, in the "ExLibris" coffee shop


* Tickets for the screenings can be purchased at the "Flora" Expo Center cash desk and half an hour before the start of each movie. For Reservations: 0882 12 10 01.

Последна промяна: 13:12, 12 December 2018