The comedy "Live From The Other World" on the stage of the NHK on December 7th

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A completely unknown journalist, hairdresser and politician fall in the same place at the same time. And this place is ..... Hell!

Three well-known comedic actors enter the characters from the play by Jean Noel Fenwick, directed by Prof. Ivaylo Hristov. Albena Mihova is the journalist with a big mouth, Kiril Efremov is the corrupt politician, and Evgeni Budinov is the homosexual hairdresser. The three of them will go through different situations, trying to get to know each other and reveal the mystery surrounding the death of one of them.

What will happen at the end - the audience will understand on 7 December at 7 pm on stage at "NHK".

Tickets for the show can be found at the cash desk of "NHK".

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