See Asen Blatechki in "The Gronholm Method" on the Burgas Stage

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Asen Blatecki gets involved in manipulative office games in the performance "The Gronholm Method". The play follows the story how casting is going on in a huge, super-renowned executive company with fantastic rewards. The selection is through a special procedure called by the name of the Swedish psychologist Gronholm. There are four candidates for a well-paid job in the sterile room without exit. Instead of the usual interview, they will participate in a strange game.

Almost the criminal link makes the "Gronholm Method" a unique puzzle of manipulation, logic and attractiveness!

The performance will be presented in Burgas on November 20, 19:00, on the stage of "NHK". For more information: 0894/898-098-Marusya Ruseva, organizer.

Последна промяна: 12:11, 22 November 2018