Ethnographer explains the relationship between "chapraz" and "divan chapraz"

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Burgas ethnographer has prepared a unique presentation which will help us to meet the most valuable accessories and ornaments of the young girls one time. It is dedicated to the "chaprasi"  - exquisitely decorated metallic buckles on a female belt, also called "pafti", "pahti", "pufti", "pelti".

They represent an important part of the traditional costume of the Bulgarian woman and capture your attention to the exquisite body. Different in form, size, way of making, material, the sails carry a rich symbolism, and the images on them are a reflection of folk concepts and beliefs.

Ethnographer Rossitsa Topalova will present her lecture at the Natural History Museum on November 10 at 11:30 am and will explain the relationship between the phrase "divan chapraz" and the wearing of the chaprazi.

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