Roman Legion from the 1st Century Will Parade on the Main Streets of Burgas

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Authentic Roman Legion from the 1st century will parade on the main streets of Burgas on the 13th of July. The legionnairs will pass on "Alexandrovska" and "Bogoridi" streets.

The square in front of the Municipality building will turn into a picture of the 1st century this Sunday at 16.00 o'clock. Citizens and guests of Burgas will be able to get acquainted with the lifestyle, customs and habits of the ancient Romans. Over 20 authentic dressed legionnairs will make demonstrations, execute commands of their Commander.

A little later, at 19.00 o'clock, the participants will make festive march parade. The legionnairs will head to the Sea Garden, where will be held the final part of the reenacment - at 20.00 o'clock on the terrace next to Cultural Centre "Sea Casino".

Demonstrations by the Roman Legion will be held day earlier /on the 12th of July/ in Archaeological reserve "Deultum". The event will end with performance of Jazz formation - Burgas. The happening will continue from 17.00 to 21.30 with free entry.

Attractive events are organized under project BG161PO001/3.2-02/2011/016 - " The Magic of Antiquity and Beauty of Nature from Burgas Bay to Strandzha Mauntain", which is implemented by Burgas Municipality in cooperation with Sredets Municipality and History Museum - Sredets.

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