The museum lecture this week will tell about the Thracian sanctuary on Shiloto Peak

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An inspirational natural landmark near Burgas is still untapped for the curious tourists. But the pragmatic builders have already identified it, and their stone career, little by little, "eats" the peak. As many citizens of Burgas would have guessed - this is the peak known today as the Shiloto. Its old name is Kara Bair, which means Black Peak.

The followers of the Universal White Brotherhood have long noticed the light that is reflected on it and called it "The White Peak". Master Dunov led his students there to meet the sunrise, turning the white circle. These natural landscapes probably inspired the ancient Thracians, who created a sanctuary of their God there, called Apollo, according to the research by Alexander Fol.

For the view revealed by the height of this sanctuary, its defiled holiness, the controversial values of the modern world, you will learn from the lecture "The Thracian sanctuary at Shiloto Peak", organized by the Regional History Museum of Burgas, which will be presented to you by the archaeologist Konstantin Gospodinov.

The lecture starts at 11.30 am, this Saturday - 20.10.2018, in the hall of the Museum of Natural History (Burgas, 30 "K. Fotinov" Str.).

Последна промяна: 15:10, 21 October 2018