Tomorrow at the museum we will remind about the traditions around Dimitroven

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The educational program of RHM-Burgas "Explore Burgas and the Burgas region" continues with its new schedule and place, this Saturday, October 13, with a lecture on one of the biggest autumn holidays - Dimitrovden. The lecturer will be the chief curator of the Ethnographic Exhibition Plamena Kirova.

With the beginning of October - winter holidays begin. Of them the most honored is Dimitroven (26.10.) or Mitrovden, as they say in Strandzha. On that day, the owners hire workers to work for them until St. George's Day. This is also the period when the farmers could pay attention to their house. Help a relative to reconstruct his. Dimitrovden has remained as a holiday of builders.

The "Dimitroven - forgotten traditions" museum lecture will give you information about what rituals and customs were used in Strandzha during the construction of the house.

The public lectures are every Saturday at 11.30 am in the renovated Natural History Museum in Burgas (30, "K. Fotinov" Str.). The entrance fee for the lectures is preferential - for adults 2 BGN and for students and pensioners - 1 BGN.

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