And this year the big revelations in "Aquae calidae" and in "Rusokastro"

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Milen Nikolov, director of the Regional Museum of History- Burgas, announced that he and his team worked on two large sites - the ancient city of "Aquae calidae" and the medieval town of Rusokastro. In "Aquae calidae" were found stamps that are yet to be identified, and the project on conservation and restoration of archaeological monuments in the ancient city is in its final phase. On the other hand, in the medieval town of "Rusokastro", many interesting and important archaeological discoveries have been made.

"For "Rusokastro", we made a lot of effort and revealed another 50 meters from the western fortress. We discovered a previously unknown city wall and three towers less than 70 meters away. We also found part of the eastern wall that we strengthened. The wall was probably made during the time of Tsar Ivan Assen II."

According to Nikolov, discoveries are very important, but besides them, the team of archaeologists has come across other finds. Silver treasure of 7 silver coins, gold coin, glass painted with gold and red paint, arrows, spears and large decoration with hole that have not yet been identified.

"I dare to say that the season is not over yet, but we are very pleased with the work done and the results", the director added.

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