The city is once again involved in the campaign "Let's Clean Bulgaria Together"

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After improving their own records in 2017 this time the volunteers of "Let's Clean Bulgaria together" stand beside millions of people from all over the world in the first ever World Clean up Day on 15 September 2018. Last autumn, the participants of the largest volunteer initiative in Bulgaria made 3582 places clean. The figure is twice more than the previous record, recorded in 2015 in the campaign of bTV. 3788 tonnes of waste were disposed of at the landfills, according to data from the Ministry of Environment and Water, and a total of 305 401 people have gone out on the day of the big cleaning to prove that Bulgaria is one team.

For another year and the Municipality supports the campaign and calls on all citizens together on September 15 - Saturday from 09.30 hours to join in cleaning and make our city more clean and attractive.

1. Unprotected beach - "Atanasovska kosa";

2. Unprotected beach - "Salt pans";

3. "Mineral Baths" Park;

4. "Rosenets" Park.

By Friday - September 14, until the end of the working day, bags and gloves can be obtained from all the territorial directorates as well as from the administrative buildings in the districts of Burgas and the compound settlements.

On the day of "big cleaning" - on September 15, between 09:30 and 11:00 at the points of the 4 designated cleaning zones, bags and gloves will be handed out to the citizens included in the campaign. Participants in the campaign should export the collected waste to a location accessible to transportation vehicles, as well as to inform about the location of the waste at +35988 7716637 or +359886 063712.

Continues and the initiative of collecting plastic bottles of Municipality and Municipal Enterprise "Purity ECO". On September 15 of each submitted three kilograms empty plastic bottles at one of the mobile centers for separate waste collection in the municipality, five liters of high quality packaged compost will be given.

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