Boyka Velkova will show us "The Way to Aphrodite" at "Aquae calidae"

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After the romantic theater night on St. Anastasia island with "Feeling of Love", actress Boyka Velkova is going to visit "Aquae calidae" Tourist complex with the elegant performance "The Way to Aphrodite" on 2 September /Sunday/ at 21:00.

"The way to Aphrodite is the way to ourselves, the road to love. This is the road to the forgotten love that is in us, the love we have left somewhere in a dark corner. This is the way to Aphrodite!", Says the author in one of her revelations. The play was written by Isabel Allende's book "Aphrodite", which deals with love, eroticism, food and all sorts of colorful stories of her life.

The ancient atmosphere around the Amphitheater of "Aquae calidae" promises exciting meeting with the theater the night of September 2.

The show will be presented outdoors with free entrance.

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