The next stage of the restoration and conservation of "Aquae calidae" near Burgas ends

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The next stage of restoration and conservation of antiquities in the archaeological complex "Aquae calidae" in the quarter of "Vetren" is completed. Currently there are pedestrian walkways that will provide visitors with the best views of the architecture of the most visited baths in Eastern Europe for two millennia. In addition, decorative lighting is installed, the cold pool of Roman thermae is drained and restored, the southern buildings between the apothecary and the bathroom of Suleiman Magnificent are sealed.

Work on this iconic archaeological site began 10 years ago. In each of them the Municipality of Burgas financed and with its own funds the excavations, the conservation and the development of the region. External financing was also provided from different projects. This summer the archaeological studies were concentrated in the northern part of the site, in the next stage of socialization will be preserved in the eastern buildings, and above them a museum of education with a copy of a Roman bath will be built.

There to the guests and citizens of Burgas is also the "Aquae calidae" Tourist Complex. The place, which has gathered thousands of years of history, attracts visitors every day with many different possibilities for relaxation and entertainment. The complex has a multifunctional building with a café, a souvenir shop and a children's playground, and the whole surrounding area is well-developed and turned into a pleasant place for relaxation with lots of greenery, park furniture and fountains. Here is the restored bathroom of Suleiman Magnificent, which has been turned into a modern museum, and a unique screening brings visitors through the centuries.

More information about the "Aquae calidae" Tourist Complex and the archaeological structures can be found here:

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