"How will the Americans reach us?" Is the summer surprise of the National Impresario Network and NFA "Bulgare"

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Grand project, co-production of the National Impresario Network and National Folklore Ensemble "Bulgare" will be presented in premiere on 19 July in Burgas. The unique musical-dance performance is a world-wide journey and is a fascinating fairy tale of the emblematic music and dance of many countries - Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, England, USA, Latin America and Russia.

In addition to ensemble "Bulgare", some of the most attractive artists and singers will appear on the stage: the three Bulgarian tenors "The Unique Voices", Albena Veskova, Zvezdi (Ahat), Intro Quartet, the magnificent soprano from "Le concetse", duo Chris and Velin,  the virtuoso bagpipe player Veselin Kuzmov, the master of the Scottish bagpipe Rosen Rossenov, the young dancers from "Dance Station", the "Comics" ballet and other popular performers.

Tickets can be purchased from the Summer cash desk "Clock" in the garden next to Hotel "Bulgaria". For more information: 0894 / 898-098-Marusya Ruseva, organizer.

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