Special footpaths will take visitors to the center of the ancient baths in Aquae Calidae

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Special footpaths will be built among the discovered structures of Aquae Calidae. They will be placed from side to side of the archaeological site.
"In this way, visitors will be able to realize the scale of archaeological structures. From above they look quite small, but in reality when you stand among them, we can feel how massive was the bath of Aquae Calidae".

This was explained by Radovesta Stewart, project manager for "The Common Cultural Heritage without Borders - TOGETHER", funded under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program.

At present, the conservation and restoration of Aquae Calidae continues, especially in the area of the apoditarium and the cold basin, which is now drained and restored with marble slabs, as it was in Roman times.

Последна промяна: 14:07, 11 July 2018