The Burgas International Film Festival comes with over 30 titles from the Bulgarian and European cinema

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More than 30 titles from the Bulgarian and European cinema will be presented at the third International Film Festival in Burgas. It will be held in the days between 20 and 27 July. Especially for the event in Burgas will arrive many authors, winners of a number of prestigious awards that will personally present their works in front of the audience.

Among the highlights of Burgas International Film Festival 2018 are: "The Endless Garden" (Bulgaria) by Galin Stoev; "The son of Sofia" (Greece), Eleni Psicu, has won a number of prestigious film awards, such as Traibeka and others, the Armenian proposal for Oscar 2017 - "Jeva" by Anahid Abad; "The guest" (Turkey) of Andas Haznadaroglu; "Zer" (Turkey) of Kazim Oez and "8''19" (Bulgaria)who will close the festival program.

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