Famous worldwide magicians on drums-Yamato, return to Bulgaria this autumn

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For 25 years since its inception, the group has visited 54 countries around the world with more than 3500 shows and over 6 million viewers. Yamato are proud to be the group with the largest number of international performances among all Japanese performers.

Their show is always subordinated to a concept that synchronizes the sound of the taiko drums with the rhythm of the human body and is enriched with specific sound and light choreography, as well as a lot of emotion and a fine sense of humor that turns viewers into companions of the band. The Talisman of the formation is a halftone taiko drum made of a 500-year-old tree that the group claims to be sacred.

On November 17, the group will visit Burgas. They will present to the public their latest program - "The Challenge".

Tickets can be found on the eventim.bg network:http://www.eventim.bg/bg/bileti/yamato-the-drummers-of-japan-burgas-opera-1050234/performance.html

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