And this year we will watch Lada Cup on "Track Burgas" 2018

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The start of this year's "Track Burgas" 2018 will be on May 12th. The competition again promises a high adrenaline and spectacular races and the audience of the car race will be able to enjoy the attractive Lada Cup series. Last year the first start of the same mark-car championship began at the race in the seaside. 36 applications were then submitted for this series. This is the first round of the national championship, on a closed route. And this year, pilots will score strength in 4 + 1 series:

Series # Sports - up to 1600 cc / atmospheric;
Series # Touring - up to 2000 cc / atmospheric;
Series # Maxi - over 2000 cc / atmospheric + # turbo;
Series #ENEOS - single championship with #Audi A4 1.8T;
Old Gold Series - competition between veterans of motorsport.

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