The "Burgas Cup" gathers the world elite in sport dances

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The prestigious competition in sport dancing "Burgas Cup"will bring together the world elite in the sport on 1 and 2 June in "Mladost" Sports hall in the city.
More than 48 top pairs from Malta, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Estonia, Azerbaijan, San Marino, Spain, Moldova, Bulgaria and more will take part in the 33 rd edition of the competition. . The competition for "Burgas Cup" will be led by 13 judges from 13 member countries of WDSF (World Sporting Dance Association).

The tournament is a round of WDSF Open and provides the participating pairs with an exceptionally high score for World Rank Leaves. It is organized by the Sporting Dance Club "Burgas1975", the Bulgarian Sports Dance Federation and the Municipality of Burgas.

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