The Periwinkle Festival will celebrate 15 years since its creation

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This year's the jubilee fifteenth edition of the Periwinkle Festival will be held. It will be held in Malko Tarnovo on 12 and 13 May.

In keeping with its tradition of always taking place in different parts of Strandzha, in order to acquaint guests with all its beauty, this year the Periwinkle Festival will be in the area "Voditsite". It was chosen by the organizers of the Directorate of “Strandzha” Nature Park because of its proximity to a variety of historic, cultural and natural attractions of the region. From there will start the routes for the nature fans who want to visit some of the most interesting places: the waterfalls of Stoilovo, Indipasha, Mishkova niva, the cave of Bastet and others.

The official opening is scheduled for 12 May. For the second day of the event, the tourist routes have not been determined because it`s not considered whether to include sites from the municipality of Tsarevo or from the Turkish part of Strandzha.

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